New Bike Buying Guide


What are you going to ride

What kind of riding do you want to do? Once you decide on what you want type of riding you are doing, then we can figure out your bike. A good way to figure out where you are going to end up, is by seeing what your friends are doing. If all your buddies are slaying the single track with 29s, that is probably where you are going to end up too!


Try Before you buy

Once you figure out where you want to be, or if you are undecided. We have a whole fleet for you to ride, try them all out on trails you ride. And ride with us, give us your feedback, and we will get you rolling on the best bike for you.


Fast tracking

We are here to help get you to the level you want to be at. Use our knowledge to fast track your progress. From professional bike setup, to tips and hints on riding. Our staff is comprised 100% with riders who have dedicated their lives to the sport, from racing wrenching, and riding every product they can get there hands on. We know what works for all types of riding!