June 2023 Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter

Product Review


I'm sure you've seen the new Transmission by now and has long been buried by all the other new products coming out over the last few months however, you need to take another look. We've been testing it as well as going back to cable driven derailleurs and classic AXS drive trains to give us a fresh look and feel. And the Transmission is WOWSERS!! The sold feel of the Transmission alone is enough of a decision maker, however, it really shines when its paired with an E-mountain bike. Being able to shift under any load at any time during any pedal stroke is 100% worth all the beans! Super durable and consistent. Come check it out and take one for a spin.

Did You Know...?


If your guards are not fitting snug anymore, take a look at how you take them off. This may be an eye opener. Easy does it on your guards. Pull down from the bottom cuff to ankles and go easy over the heel. Try not to push them down from the top or be overly aggressive . Another tip is leave the Velcro alone. Once you have it set, leave it alone. You shouldn't have to open and close the Velcro every time you use the guards. Finally, wash these things in cold water and no dryer. To keep them fresh(ish) between washes, get yourself some isopropyl alcohol and put it in a spray bottle. Mark that bottle "Alcohol" with a sharpie so you know what's in the bottle for later. Give your pads a spray after every ride to kill that stinky bacteria.