Mountain Biking Bootleg Canyon: A Quick Trail Guide

Mountain Biking Bootleg Canyon: A Quick Trail Guide

Welcome to Bootleg Canyon located in beautiful Boulder City Nevada. Our trails have everything any mountain biker would be looking for. Bootleg has it all!  Some Technical, good flow, gnarliness, and sweet jumps are just a few things the trails offer. Bootleg has a handful of beginner trails for all ages as well as some of the most challenging single track and everything in between. 

Arriving at Bootleg Canyon

The trailhead is located at the base of the canyon on Canyon Road. Go figure! There are bathrooms, showers, and a picnic area all maintained by the city at the trailhead. This is a great spot to get started. 

Bootleg Canyon Trails

You may want to start on Middle Lakeview for a quick warm-up. This trail offers rolling hills with good flow while asking for some short punchy effort climbs that will take you to Lower Lakeview.  This makes a short loop back to the trailhead. It’s about 2 1/2 miles worth of single track, quick and fun. This little trail paints the picture for what to expect deeper and around the canyon.  That brings you to a choice of pedaling over to Blade Runner or IMBA. Blade Runner was built as a 4 foot wide trail, making it appealing to beginners of all ages. It has flow, whoops, and even a little optional jump at the end.  Blade Runner finishes on the paved bike path which connects back to the trailhead.  IMBA is a classic type of trail for Bootleg. It has some technical sections, some flow sections, good corners, and short climbs; a well rounded trail that leads to POW.  This trail is a local favorite. Fast and flowy intermediate descent makes it a must ride when at  Bootleg Canyon. Seriously, check out POW.

If you were looking for a bit more of a challenge, head up into the canyon and check out Girl Scout and Caldera. Girl Scout is the most popular way up into the canyon as well as the flowy way down. This is a two-way trail.  Heads-up. The trail offers flow, berms, more flow, and some tech. Caldera begins at the top of Girl Scout that loops around about 4 miles. There are a few ways to ride this trail as it’s linked to a few others like Inner Circle, all of which demand a bit of fitness and a pinch of technical skill.  Definitely an intermediate level trail. 

If you’re looking for an advanced Enduro Trail, head over to Eastleg or go to the top of  Canyon road and drop into Boy Scout. Both trails are technical and the ability to pick good lines is important. You’ll want  to carry speed into some rock features and find the backside of those rocks.  Find the flow with speed and be like water.

Now, if you’re looking to show the mountain who’s boss, head to the tippy top. This is where you’ll find the real deal downhill trails. These trails are for advanced riders who know how to handle a long travel bike. Fast speed and super chunk will heighten your senses and hone in your focus. Snakeback is one of the more popular trails off the top that finishes with optional jump lines at the trailhead. Sharp rock and steep off camber features make this trail physically and mechanically demanding. Check your tire pressure and make sure your brakes are performing.  Snakeback is more or less a geek keeper for the rest of the downhill trails on the mountain like Reaper or Armageddon.  Consider your beak wet!  

Wrapping Up

These are just a few trails that Bootleg offers.  There are many many more trails to check out. Make your own loops or use the mountain bike Bootleg Canyon Shuttle that will drive you to the summit to get more downhill laps in.  Pop into All Mountain Cyclery for trail info and suggested routes. 

Come ride Bootleg Canyon.