Top Mountain Biking Parts & Accessories

Top Mountain Biking Parts & Accessories

We’ve got some mountain bike top picks for all you trail riding nerds out there. These are the products All Mountain Cyclery believes in and uses everyday.

Let’s talk about touch points

We'll start with the cockpit. The handlebar is one of the most important touch points on a mountain bike. Every single crew member at All Mountain rides with Enve M9 bars. Not only do they have a beautiful look and geometry, they perform incredibly. Best riding carbon bar on the market. Period!  Like a good recipe, a nice handlebar won’t be optimized unless a short stem is connecting you to the bike. 30 to 40 mm would be ideal. You can take it one step further and go with an American made I9 stem. They have an awesome design and looks like a piece of jewelry. It’s the jam! Top it all off with a grip that’s been crushing the competition. ODI Reflex has nailed it. A nice cushion on top for added comfort and a half waffle on the underside for amazing control and articulation of the bike. You have to check them out!

Next point of contact is shoes and pedals. 5.10 has been around for a long time and has the fit, look, and rubber dialed. We favor the Freerider Pro mostly because the grip and performance is like no other shoe in the industry. Truly incredible connection to your bike. That connection is most complemented by stomping on the American made Wolftooth Waveform pedal. It’s ability to stick to the shoe like no other is due to its dual-concave profile and shape. This pedal fits the 5.10 profile perfectly, ensuring top level control.  

The last touch point is the saddle. Specialized has cracked the code on this one. Their Mirror technology has been imitated but not duplicated. The Power with Mirror is a beautiful mix of soft support and contoured cushioning, making it one of the best saddles on the market. Plus it’s 3D printed so it has to be good, right. 😂

Moving on to stopping

This is once again one of those products an AMC crew member won’t ride without. TRP Evo series has some of the most powerful brakes on the market with the best modulation.  Brakes aren’t good unless the modulation is dialed. The Evo brakes have the market share at Bootleg Canyon for sure.  Your downhill bike should have the DH Evo. The trail bike gets the Trail Evo and your XC bike will go faster with the slate Evo. Guaranteed! 

Wheel set 

Last is very special. Our wheel sets are custom built by All Mountain Cyclery’s wheel specialists. We start with We Are One carbon rims that are 100% Canadian made. They are held to the highest standards. Lifetime warranty and hand laid carbon gives the confidence the wheel will stand up to the nasty parts of the trail as well as perform at the highest level. We pair that with Onyx hubs.  Yeah, that’s right. Onyx has 0 degrees of engagement, making your pedal efficiency through the roof.  This hub is silence and performs like no other. It’s unique design gives it virtually no drag and feels like it will spin forever with no effort. You’ll smoke the competition with these bad boys.