Pivot Shuttle AM | Pro X0 Eagle Transmission | BLUE NEPTUNE - MED


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Completing Pivot's all-star lineup of e-bikes, the Shuttle AM shines as a crown jewel. The Shuttle AM doesn’t shy away from touting itself as an all-mountain masterpiece that dominates the realm of e-mountain performance. This awe-inspiring e-bike strikes the perfect chord, delivering an unmatched blend of lightweight agility and long-travel prowess that hits the all-mountain sweet spot. So, brace yourself as the Shuttle AM conquers every type of terrain with ease, from fast-flowing singletracks to breathtaking back country descents. Designed with 148mm of rear travel, a 160mm Fox fork, and purpose-built all-mountain geometry, the Shuttle AM inspires total confidence on any trail. Embrace the journey with the Shuttle AM, the epitome of versatility and performance in the world of e-mountain excellence. This all mountain all-star begs to be the fastest off the line, the fastest up the hill—simply put, it begs to be the fastest, period.

Crafted to be the ultimate all-mountain machine, the Shuttle AM comes equipped with everything you need to conquer any trail on the mountain. With a long-lasting battery, the Shuttle AM provides ample range, allowing you to explore more trails and go the extra mile, or ten. The in-tube battery and Bosch drive unit are masterfully integrated into the frame, keeping the center of gravity low and ensuring a sleek and balanced design. Unleash your true riding potential, break free from personal limitations, find your uphill flow and embark on an all-new electrifying adventure. The Shuttle AM opens up a world of endless possibilities.


  • Bosh Performance Drive Systems: Powered by the latest Bosch Performance drive systems, all Shuttle AM models deliver class leading performance.
  • DW-Link:  The perfect suspension platform for Pivot’s eMTB’s by providing the optimal amount of anti-squat, enabling the Shuttle AM (and all Pivot Shuttle models) to harness the full power of the drive system, with optimal traction and incredible suspension performance. 
  • Vertical Shock Layout: Enables a more compact frame design that is both stiffer and lighter, as well as providing for increased tunability of the Shuttle AM’s kinematics. In addition, the design allows for full size water bottle clearance on all sizes (or a range extender) and the lowest stand-over heights possible. 
  • Flip Chip Adjustability: “High” and “Low” settings on the Pivot Flip Chip allow riders to easily configure geometry to accommodate rider style or trail conditions. Moving from the “High” to “Low” setting changes the BB height from 35.0cm to 34.5cm and steepens the head and seat angles by .4 degrees.
  • Pivot Dock Tool System: Pivot exclusive on-the-bike tool system created in collaboration with Topeak. Unweight hydration packs by strategically locating essential repair items under either the top tube.
  • Long Lasting Battery Options: Pro and Team builds come equipped with the awe-inspiring 750Wh battery. Ride builds come equipped with a long lasting 625Wh battery. All builds have Bosch’s New PowerMore range extender (250Wh) capability.
  • Bosh X Pivot Flow App: User-friendly mobile tool that provides seamless connectivity with Bosch-powered e-bikes. The system allows the user to select 4 modes from a total of 7 available modes. Includes features such as recommended maintenance intervals based on mileage, find a Pivot/Bosch dealer, real-time charge percentages and estimated range all in one easy to navigate app.